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Develop Windows and Macintosh databases and applications using 4th Dimension. Enhance or repair existing 4D databases.


4th Dimension database (Mac & Windows) programmer and designer. Specialist in fixing and enhancing 4D databases created by others.

Experience July 87 to present

Contract programmer, developing custom 4D applications. These 4th Dimension databases saved many thousand of dollars and hundreds of hours of employee time for companies such as:

Oct 89 to Jun 90


Data recovery with 4th Dimension 4D v11 SQL - 4D Inc. - 2008
Data recovery with 4th Dimension 4th Dimension Web Database Designing - 4D Inc. - 2001
Database repair with 4th Dimension 4D In-Depth and Optimizing Your 4th Dimension Code - ACI US - 1999
4th Dimension 4th Dimension in a Multi-Platform World - Acius - 1994
4th Dimension 4th Dimension Multi-user Training - Acius - 1991
4th Dimension 4th Dimension Advanced Training - Acius -1989
4th Dimension Advanced Concepts in 4th Dimension - Generation Four - 1989
4d Ten years training - Slydini School of Magic - 1970-1980
4th Dimension BA - Sacramento State University - 1970

Special Skills

Innovative. Proven ability to understand user needs, translate requirements into specifications, and implement solutions.  Effective in self-managed 4D projects and as a team member. Fast, efficient, high quality 4D work.

The important thing is that I can make a difference.

4D Wizard's Home    How to choose a 4th Dimension programmer

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